When people think of emergency alerts, they assume they will get all the critical information they need on their phone, through the internet, or on TV. However, a news source people often overlook is the radio in their car. Just over 30 million cars are registered in California, and AM radio provides a live connection to news, entertainment, and emergency alerts. But with more electric vehicles now being introduced into the market, auto manufacturers want to eliminate AM in the dashboard because of possible electromagnetic interference.

Although, there are many subscription music services, such as Spotify and Apple Music, radio is still the most popular source for news, music and emergency alerts – because radio is FREE. If auto manufacturers are successful in removing AM from all vehicles, it will be detrimental to drivers everywhere. Yes, people can still get news and emergency alerts from other sources; however, they may not always have access to streaming or an internet connection, especially if they are in a life-threatening situation.

Getting rid of AM in our cars and trucks will not only be harmful to listeners in California but to everyone in the United States. AM plays a vital role in the daily life of many people and is often their main source of local news. Preserving AM in the dashboard will ensure anyone with access to a car radio can stay informed and safe.

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