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The California Broadcasters Association is the industry trade organization representing all FCC-licensed radio and television stations.

In addition to advocating on behalf of radio and television stations in Washington D.C. and our state capital, the CBA provides programs and advice to local broadcasters.

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The CBA offers owners and station managers professional assistance in serving their audiences and advertisers.

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Public Education Partnerships (PEP)

The CBA offers air-time to government entities, non-profit organizations and foundations to inform and educate viewers and listeners with public-service messages.

State Government

Public service messages from any state government entity.

Federal Government

Public service messages from any federal government entity.

Non-Profit Groups

Public service messages from groups created for purposed other than generating profit.


Public service messages from organizations raising funds for charitable or educational purposes.


Media Markets


Television Stations


Radio Stations



Job Bank / Radio & TV Careers

The CBA assists owners and managers in the effective operation of their station(s).

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TV Director talking to her Vision Mixer in a Television Gallery.